Too historical to be missed 

267/365 via MAribeth Coghill in flickr

267/365 via MAribeth Coghill in flickr

Aldo : “Alfa, Obama wins!”

Alfa : “Yay! I know…”

Aldo : “You’re watching tv?”

Alfa : “no need… I am watching twitter”

::tweets from about three hours ago::

javajive Impressed that Twitter has held up thus far.

aulia It’s not the campaign, it’s the message! Indonesian politicians and voters, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

javajive Wow, Wyoming and Oklahoma = 66% McCain? Sup w/ that?

asil Icon_red_lock LOL I just saw my friend on TV, in a cafe with election results on a big screen. And they did NOT just take the source from Facebook 😀

budip On Digg: Photos from the Obama Rally in Chicago: Please Digg! RT @acmaurer

nanashambles My ‘traditional’ co-worker yesterday said that he’s uncertain Americans will vote for Obama. He thinks America is still full of racists.

javajive @nanashambles Unfortunately, it’s true, there are plenty of racist people in America, but I think that holds true for nearly every nation.

jkottke Lots of political Tweetenfreude predicted for this evening.

LeonnieFM @javajive @nanashambles, I was thinking about that too, but I also believe the urge for change will overcome racist-issue.*crossing fingers*

budip Everyone projects that Barack Obama has now been elected president. Via @slate

LeonnieFM 297 : 139…

aulia this is ridiculous. i’m crying. XD

asil Icon_red_lock Fuck I want to be at Chicago right now. Just to feel the spirit. That is something you don’t see everyday. Except in sports events.

aulia Somebody put Kevlar vest on That One. Please.

patvandiest Halo Indonesia! Obama terpilih menjadi Presiden Amerika yang baru. Apa pengaruhnya buat Indonesia? Diskusi sekarang! 😀

aulia Go and make that change.

budip Welcome, President Barack Obama! Thanks, Americans!

jkottke I hear yelling and cheering in the streets.

aulia I think Twitter just exploded. Congratulations USA.

rizalrenaldi Obama win. Congrat. Save the world, Obama.

::tweets from about two hours ago::

javajive Ok, Twitter just got oddly silent. Are people celebrating, glued to the tube, or just in awe?

LeonnieFM… Yup, it’s OBAMA… wuih… what a ride! what a show

savitri Icon_red_lock Got the feeling they’re going to throw some party in Menteng, Jakarta, to celebrate Mr President Obama.

kapkap Obama as President of United States. Congratulations for USA 🙂 You guys restoring my faith. Thank you 🙂

xgray w00t!

aulia First time I can sincerely say, AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!

savitri Icon_red_lock @aulia

nicholaspatten wow, nyc is going crazy, so loud outside.

spruiked BBC has called the election 306:145

LovelyPink Good morning everybody ^^

LovelyPink Does Obaman win??

ndari @aulia not just you, my eyes are all watery :))

gueamu now where’s my change?

savitri Icon_red_lock FYI (just in case you don’t know abt the song):

javajive Being an American overseas for 6 1/2 years, this is one of the proudest moments I’ve had of my country – finally. Congratulations.


snydez i wonder why nathan petrelli is not president of US..


enda Obama 333, McCain 155, 270 needed to win. Ladies and Gents, we have a New President of United States of America! Vivat Obama!

javajive “The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly.” McCain to Obama.

aldy and we all will welcome the new golden Age lead by the Socialist Republic of America

neofreko bagi yang pengen memonitor #election08 via map, yahoo dashboard…

asil Icon_red_lock I’m so happy I can’t sit tight.

richstyles Say good bye two decades of Bush/Clinton/Bush

ndari Obama’s coming to Jakarta (from CNBC). SERIOUSLY?????

asil Icon_red_lock is counting down to the next 77 days for the change he promised.

somemandy Obama wins! I’m so happy!

kapkap Okay. The US Elections went well. Yay. INDONESIA, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Er, wait. Or we lost the hope already?

somemandy I’ve been having a series of bad luck. But I don’t mind them now! OBAMA WINS!

ifahmi Congratulation, America.

LeonnieFM starring at the blue Florida & California with a big smile. Virtually hugging many crying American fellows 🙂

aulia Slightly disappointed it wasn’t a total blackout. America, Paint it Black!

vmahmud believes the world are Americans once again. Good show guys. Now make sure you don’t blow it like that other guy.

serendipify Obama menang, boleh cuti nggak ya?

chibialfa I hope by having Obama as US President, Indonesian President will not approve the stupid anti porn bill #wishlist

chibialfa I hope this will be the end of racist war everywhere on the world, and by God, hopefully it’s the end of war at Iraq, too #wishlist

kapkap Okay, I didn’t watch the speech but did Obama wear Kevlar? Somebody please do it. Remember JFK and Robert Kennedy guys…

deon @serendipify obama menang gaji naek gak ya?

aldy Obama’s Victory speech=I have a dream 2.0

ndari YES WE CAN! *all teary-eyed

chibialfa Obama menang, kira-kira gue bisa kerja di amrik gak ya?

anima somehow this reminds me of the finale of Heroes season #1. does Obama have a little brother?

amalia_sari Icon_red_lock mengapa aku terharu ya Obama menang, roda berputar dan yakin semua bisa berubah

serendipify Harga rumah Obama di Menteng berapa sekarang?

deon @serendipify 56 M ya kalo gak salah? jual aja.. buat bayar utang luar negri.. hihihihi

deon @chibialfa obama menang dibuatin movie sama miyazaki gak ya? *makin ngaco..:P

ndari kenapa presiden kita kalo pidato ga bisa kayak gitu?? HAH??

jakemarsh President Obama has left the stage, and I’m sufficiently teary-eyed. I can’t explain how happy I feel right now. Again, thank you, everyone.

xgray wow. I can listen to that for the next four years.

chibialfa yes, we can

chibialfa @deon obama menang, fiskal dihapus gak ya? #wishlist alias #ngarep

anima What if Obama fails? Okay I didn’t just say that.

kapkap @anima – Then we have our day-to-day in politics Re. If Obama fails.

savitri Icon_red_lock Twitter flooded indeed.

aldy yes get the black guy to clean up a white man’s mess again

serendipify @chibialfa @deon Obama menang, orang Indonesia jadi tambah waras?

enda Posted: Obama untuk Dunia yang baik

chibialfa @serendipify Obama menang, check dulu sekarang dollar jadi berapa

chibialfa glued to cnn

aldy “Politics is like driving It’s “R” to backwards and “D” to go forwards.”

chibialfa temen gue: “Hah? Rhoma Irama jadi presiden amrik?” #gubrak

chibialfa temen gue : “Wuih, Obama = David Palmer” #gubrak #24 #obama

GordonWSmythe Nation proves that, for once at least, idiots don’t win EVERY time.

GordonWSmythe Sarah Palin runs back to Alaska with a stuffed suitcase screaming that those clothes are HERS!

chibialfa another friend FB status update : keep Sarah Palin… she still hot!! #gubrak #gubrak

chibialfa O&M Worldwide CEO and Chairman,Shelly Lazarus, encourages her employees to take an hour and go vote on November 4th, 2008.

bening abis lari lari keliling koridor teriak teriak “OBAMA MENAAANG!” XD

anima are we done talking about Obama winning? 😐

chibialfa makan apa ya sekarang? *answering @anima ‘s tweet*

ifahmi This is one beautifull remark:

jkottke I collected a bunch of election red/blue maps from various media outlets:

budip Virtual world celebrates Obama’s win (via @msnbc_tech)

Ruby1201 wonders if i hear one more obama schobama, i’ll hurl.

chibialfa @Ruby1201 RHOMA SCHOBAMA IRAMA XD

chibialfa retweet stat FB glenn marsalim Glenn sebagai perwakilan dari tim sukses Obama saya menghaturkan terima kasih atas dukungannya selama ini…

rizalrenaldi Kenapa kok pemilihan presiden sono, kita yg ‘sibuk’? .. soalnya kita negara dunia ketiga. Mereka hancur, kita lebur. -tukang bajaj.

chibialfa RT @asil FBstat: doesn’t have to be an American to care about the US election, the way she doesn’t have to be an Iraqi to feel their pain.