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    Are you still there?

    Good. Me too. And I am trying to post this entry through wordpress app. Let’s see…

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    Cara paling instant untuk bikin diri hep … 

    Cara paling instant untuk bikin diri hepi adalah becanda jorok.


    Di suatu production yang lumayan menguras waktu, weekend, tenaga, dan kadang kesabaran, menjelang jam-jam kecil, di malam hari di lapangan rumput, saya mendengar sekelumit teriakan yang membuat saya nyengir sedikit.

    Partner saya, seorang wanita berjilbab yang (percayalah) suka bule dan suka becanda jorok, saya tarik ke tempat yg lebih sepi terus sambil nahan cekikikan saya bilang gini ke dia,

    “Loe denger gak dia tadi ngomong apa?”

    “Enggak… apaan?” tanya partner saya.

    “Hardaaaa…. hardaaaaa….tau gak itu apa?”

    “Kagak!!! apaan???”

    “Harder tadi pake logat aussie. Nah, sekarang…” sambil terbungkuk-bungkuk nahan ketawa, saya melanjutkan, “bayangin kalo situasinya di tempat tidur, hardaaaa… fastaaaa, more powaaaaaa….”

    Next thing you know, partner saya udah ikutan ngakak guling-guling.

    Gitu deh. Di saat yang meletihkan, tarik nafas, pikirin yang jorok-jorok, terus dibawa ketawa aja.

    dan Insya Allah… everything will be ok.


  • chibialfa 12:26 pm on April 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Baiklah. Ada yang lagi ngalamin hal yang … 

    Baiklah. Ada yang lagi ngalamin hal yang enak di twitter. Jadi sebaiknya saya masuk kamar aja dan gerundel-gerundel sendirian. Toh udah gak banyak juga yg berkunjung ke kamar ini.
    Oke, jadi saya mau cerita. Soal seorang tukang bensin yang lagi curhat ke atasannya, sesama penjual bensin tapi udah lebih tinggi gitu deh jabatannya.

    Tukang bensin tadi berkata, “Gue engga keberatan jadi tukang bensin, gue cinta jadi tukang bensin. Gue suka bau bensin, gue suka ngukur dan nuang bensin, gue suka ngeliat mobil keabisan bensin jadi bisa jalan lagi. Tapi gue enggak suka harus berurusan dengan orang yang beli bensin”.
    Bos-nya bertanya, “Kenapa?”
    Tukang bensin tadi menjawab, “Gue tau it comes in a package, jualan bensin dan berurusan dgn pembeli. Tapi harus tersenyum ramah, basa-basi, bukain pintu mobil, bukain tutup bensin. It’s killing me slowly inside”
    Bos-nya garuk garuk kepala bingung.
    Tukang bensin tadi lalu berkata lagi, “Bukannya gue GAK MAU atau GAK BISA. Gue tetep akan tersenyum ramah melayani pembeli bensin karena itu TUGAS GUE. Gue cuman mau bilang kalo gue ENGGAK HEPI ngelakuin hal itu. Itu aja Bos”

    Demikianlah cerita tentang tukang bensin yang cinta sama bensin tapi enggak suka melayani pembeli bensin. Sekian.

    • Dan 2:10 am on April 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Fantastic. This little story has so much pathos. Beautiful.

  • chibialfa 2:04 pm on April 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply

    Today I said my mind out loud, what I do … 

    Today I said my mind out loud, what I don’t like and what’s killing me inside. It was probably not a good idea. But I feel good afterwards.

  • chibialfa 7:35 am on April 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    imagine if Genghis Khan is a financial a … 

    imagine if Genghis Khan is a financial analyst. Lucu kali yah. #iseng

  • chibialfa 12:39 pm on April 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Blogging when twitter is down. It’s goo … 

    Blogging when twitter is down. It’s good to change my blog’s theme with twitter style. At least I am beginning to remember what it’s like to write more than 140 characters.

  • chibialfa 12:27 pm on April 13, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    I wonder… 

    if this thing still works…

  • chibialfa 6:20 am on June 2, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Join the cause. 

    Related blog post:

  • chibialfa 11:15 am on September 27, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    60s is all about sex, rock&roll, mod, and what not. 

    3 years after Indonesia declared its independence, David Ogilvy in New York set up a small agency. Today after 60 years, Ogivly&Mather is one of the biggest worldwide advertising agency with strong hundreds of networks across the globe.

    In its 60th anniversary, the Jakarta office celebrated it with 60s theme. Although, come to think of it, 60 years ago is more an era of 40s instead of 60s. But maybe 60s style is considered more stylish compare to 40s, oh well…

    In an attempt to live up the party spirit, I hunted the nearest mall to see what I could get within several hours. The only thing I had in mind related to 60s/mod was Jacky O. Tough luck, especially with lebaran season coming, the easiest thing I could get was moslem (arabian) look. If only the party was in arabian theme, perhaps my life would be much easier *grmbl*.




    Other style that are ‘in’ at the moment mostly those 80s (these-will-make-you-look-pregnant-tops).I dig 80s music and toys, but never, ever, the fashion.

    Luckily then I found this “looked like it was made from wallpaper” dress. And I also found this magic thing that could make my hair pulled up in a neat bun within 5 minutes. Voila.

    I then realized that my wardrobe actually have similar pattern with the mural in creative wall. Dean took this picture and it turned out pretty funny

    It was amusing to see lots of people looking with their best effort in order to look mod. The party was, okay, too bad all the drinks was alcohol free to respect ramadhan month.

    I felt sorry I forgot to bring my camera. But then again, the facebook traffic was pretty heavy for several days after the party, filled with photos uploading, tagging, and commenting, as per usual.

    More fun 60s photos at my flickr set


  • chibialfa 12:03 pm on September 18, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    2008 is the year of my big move. After leaving my 7 years comfort zone into the unknown land, I also decided to move out from livejournal to wordpress. Exporting the whole 5 years record of my life (started here and ended here) was not as easy as I thought, based on technical reason. Too many foreign languages like xml, download clients, etc. Suggestions from those who are willing to give me explanation in idiot proof language are mostly welcome.

    • Daniel 1:52 am on September 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Love the new site Alfa – it’s gorgeous. The annoying thing though, about building a beautiful blog site, is that nowadays most people read it thru an RSS reader, so they just get the text and miss out on all the lovely design and layout.

    • chibialfa 4:25 pm on September 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Dan, thanks. A very good observation which I didn’t thought myself before 😛 Anyway after enjoying the new layout for awhile I decided to change it again into a simpler common blog style 😉 Actually, what I like about using wordpress is the ability to not only post blogs, but also pages. I am using it for my portfolio, and I can also create other ‘micro site’ pages.

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