You are in a place where I store bits and pieces of my (mostly right) brain.

I am an art base creative who is currently  working at Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta. My advertising related works are here, my blog is here, and my old blog is there.

My blog consists of random thoughts, travel stories, reviews, pictures, or doodling about almost everything that attract my short attention span.

Other web existence?

I religiously update my twitter for the joy of microblogging, and tumblr as my scrap book of my scattered thoughts.

I use del.icio.us to store my online bookmarks, and weheartit for my image bookmarking. Flickr to put my photos, and youtube for videos. I constantly poke, kick, bite, or throw sheep to my friends in facebook.

You can watch my life stream activities here.

More on personal side?

I am married.

This is my husband’s blog about his toy shop. And this is his blog about props making, his other way in making money. Soon he will be opening a vintage toys museum.

contact : alfa.aphrodita@ymail.com