Twitter Drama

You might want to read my previous post first, when I explained about Pecha Kucha Night in “The Confession of A Toy Addict”

This month (in the 5th Bandung PK Night) was my turn to talk about another addiction, my addiction to twitter.

At first I was thinking about selling twitter from a tech point of view, how its simplicity can be addictive. But then one of my friend in twitter wrote this, “Twitter as a tool is not that cool, but people like you or @jowyang who makes it cooler”.

(awww… he really made me blush indeed)

Come to think of it, he’s right. It’s the people, not the tool per se (sorry for quoting you). It whom I followed and the everyday stories from our daily engagements. So then I decided to highlight more on the people and the ‘dramas’.

Marriage proposal via twitter

Marriage proposal via twitter

Despite of my trembling voice (and hands) and a few lack of timing management here and there, I think it went okay. After my talk, I got some new (tweeple) friends who came to me and thanked me for showing them there are many ways to enjoy twitter. Some even think it was funny… O_o

trembling voice (and hands)

trembling voice (and hands)

Anyway, here’s the complete version of my presentation. You can watch the youtube video (of how I humiliated myself embedded) after the 20th slide.

If you like it, I am happy. If you’re inspired, I am thrilled.

If you’re laughing at me, oh well… at least I amused you.

And thank you, my dear twitter friends for all your real time digital supports 😉

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