Confession of a Toy Addict

A few bits about Pecha Kucha:

The main objective of Pecha Kucha is to make sure everyone is able to present their message as effective (and amusing) as possible. The idea came out from 2 architects who lived in Japan. Pecha Kucha itself came from the Japanese words “chit chat”.

In Pecha Kucha Night, people from various creative industries are invited to speak as guest speakers, about whatever topic they choose, limited by 20 slides only, 20 seconds per slide.

The main challenge for those speakers is to deliver the message to their audience in given limited time. You can browse many tips related to this in youtube. The first thing you might want to try is by forgetting all those basic power point templates (bullet points, pie chart, etc) and begin to craft your presentation as a visual driven comic panel or a nice flowing storyboard.

Of course, other challenge would be to fight your fear of public speaking (I speak on behalf of myself here)

Confession of a Toy Addict

In the 3rd Bandung Pecha Kucha Night, my husband was invited as a guest speaker. Owning a vintage 80s museum, anyone would be tempted to fill his 20 slides with his possessions. However, Aldo found another interesting way. He told his story from an angle of a toys addict.

2nd slide; The addiction started since I was a kid

2nd slide; "The addiction started since I was a kid"

Beside flicking at his presentation slide, you can read (in bahasa) his explanations for each slide in this flickr album.

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