27 facts: How twitter changes my life

  1. I have lost my capability in writing blog with standard format. So this post is the compilation of my #sixwords tweets on how I explained about how twitter changes my life.
  2. Blogged about twitter. Now tweet blogs.
  3. Finding that @guykawasaki is rather hot. #bigfan
  4. Hear something funny. Laugh then tweet.
  5. Getting use to read lines backwards.
  6. Hardly use del.icio.us. Tweet then faved.
  7. Tweet me if important. Otherwise sms. #elitist
  8. When my phone low bat, husband happy. #relationship
  9. I am sorry, CNN. You’re history! link #elitist
  10. I found out what XD means. #emoticon
  11. I don’t watch tv drama anymore.Ā  link #jtug
  12. Had the best birthday blast ever.Ā  link #jtug
  13. Met the craziest bunch of tweeps. #jtug
  14. Sleep? What is that? New word?
  15. Bisa maen triominos sama Nicholas Saputra. @somemandy @venustweets
  16. Craving for fame, seek more followers.
  17. Husband never ask where I am. #relationship
  18. Flirting with less than 140 characters.
  19. I am so addicted to #sixwords
  20. I can not blog anymore, shit.
  21. Honey, must you tweet during movies? #relationship
  22. Chat? Oh, you mean Direct Messages? #elitist
  23. Fire! Run! wait, must tweet that.
  24. Go to your room. No twitter! #punishment
  25. Hang out? I’d rather tweet up.
  26. I’m twitter MLM with obvious reason. #jtug
  27. There you go, @aulia šŸ™‚