I am married to a celebrity


Aldo, my husband

Aldo, my husband


I am married to a guy who prefers owning a toy shop than working in a bank.

Working in a bank gives bigger salary, but boy I am so glad he ditched that option.

He had been interviewed by magazines (indies and commercial ones), radio stations, he even appeared in TV shows like “Fenomena”.

Last week he appeared (again) in one full page feature in Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper, covered as the most respectable vintage toys collector in Bandung. 

The newspaper coverage made a Bandung local  tv station (stv) came to his shop to interview him for one of their shows. 

Last night, one of Bandung radio station (Mustika FM) interviewed him for the same issue.

Instead of staying content with his achievements in toys area, he’s also known as Indonesian award winning advertising props modeler. Google “Aldo Khalid” and you’ll find his name in many advertising blogs more than his wife’s name.

Life is too short to stop you from chasing your dream. My husband has taught me that.

I am so proud of you, hon! :-*