Pre Pesta Blogger 2008 and all the buzz

I am so excited. Really.

Usually I only have 2 excited moments of the year, 3 if you count Idul Fitri, 4 if you include birthday, 5 with new year eve…

Euh, but I am talking about annual events. Usually what matters for me are only local advertising award shows; Pariwara and Adoi Advertising Award. I always look for those events because, well… the awards, the booze, the meet up with other creatives from advertising agency and production houses, the wild after party…

But this year, another one has been included in my agenda, Pesta Blogger 2008.

Am I a blogger? yes. A professional one? (you mean like being paid just by blogging, nope). Why do I blog? mentioned it here.

I had the courtesy having Enda as my co-worker (only for a few months) last year. From him I got to know a lot about Indonesian bloggers, and how blog itself has been acknowledge as a new media. But I never got a chance to meet any other Indonesian bloggers, the senior ones, or probably the so-so ones like myself. Some of my co-workers blog too, but we tend to keep it secret from each other. I don’t know why, maybe because i still hear some words about blogging = narcist.

Am I a narcist? hell yeah 😛

So why all of the sudden I get so excited to attend the annual event of Pesta Blogger this year?

It’s because of the media they (and I) use. As far as I know, they weren’t any conventional media like TV commercials or print ads. The blog of Pesta Blogger itself is pretty solid, announcement was made by invitation through facebook that spreads faster than my own internet connection. And I also have to give facebook status updates AND twitter credits for this. By reading only Enda’s status updates and twitter, it gave me buzz of what’s going on. I’ve been involving myself with twitter quiet deeply lately. As a micro blogging media, the news were fast, informative, and effective. Thanks to @aulia and @budip, I have always been updated with the latest news toward the big event itself. Thanks to the podcasts done by @thomasarie, also Pasar Malam podcasts by @aulia and @mahadewa, I get the sense of buzz news which got me really excited, although I still don’t have any idea what I will experience tomorrow….


well, I know there will be 5 foreign bloggers, whom have been invited to do a travel from bali, jogjakarta, and end up in jakarta for the big event tomorrow. I am following 2 of them in twitter and their tweets about how they feel being here for the first time amuse me.

I also know there will be several discussions related to blogging, one of them about creative blogging by Raditya Dika, and I am excited to meet that crazy guy in person.

And of course, I can’t wait to see my twitter friends, too 🙂

Please note that none of those people I mentioned above who helped Pesta Blogger spreading the buzz were being paid.

The idea of making the bird costume came several weeks ago. I don’t know why I bother to so much to wear a costume to this event. I always wear black and only black whenever I came to award show (advertising people = black?). I guess I missed wearing costume, weather it’s gothic, awfully hit and run, 60s, or being a silly blue bird bringing a pan…

So if you come to Pesta Blogger tomorrow, and you spot a weird creature in a shape of blue bird… yep, that’s me.


blue bird and pingu

blue bird and pingu



Aldo helped me a lot in designing the costume. It was made by our friend, Gina, who know own her business in clothing, based in Bandung. The costume cost Rp 200.000,- And if you’re interested to own one, yes you can order it. Let me know, and I will put you to Gina 🙂

I made name cards too… Three layouts, a series of ‘being nice to animals’.


name card twittering version

name card "twittering" version



Flickr set of Pesta Blogger 2008 is here.

See you in Pesta Blogger 2008!