21 version 2.0

Don’t hide, come out, wherever you are.

I know you’re waiting until midnight.

It’s alright. Stay there until midnight, then. 

You’re probably thinking that I hate you. Unlike 17.

I was dying to be 17.

I would kill for 21.

But you?

It’s not your fault, really.

I don’t hate you. You’re going to be part of me for the next decade,

so I think we should get along, yeah?

I can hear you node. Good.

Doesn’t mean that I am desperately waiting for you, either. It’s just… you come with a lot of baggage. Baggage of Questions. Of kids, of career, money, responsibility. And you give little something to ponder every now and then. One wrinkle for every stress, one white hair for every drama. 

But you must have something good, then. I mean, by having you I can have the experience in life that 21 couldn’t give. You can also boost that confidence of being capable to do something, which sometimes 21 couldn’t provide. And you might help me in redirecting the changes in my life. Like a stepping stone, or another stage in life.

So you’re not bad at all. You’re just a new version of 21. You’re 21 version 2.0.

I can see you’re smiling now. I am too smiling at you. Screw midnight. Time is time, you’re part of it. Let’s become one now. You can own me, as much as I can own you with pride and joy.

Because I will always be young at heart. Even when 40 and 50 come knocking on my door.

Welcome 30 years old.

Let’s rock another decade in my life 🙂

Happy birthday me.


Jakarta, half an hour before 13th November 2008