I am better at dancing and making puppets

On the contrary on what I said about why I blog, I think I forgot how to blog again.

I’ve been spending too much time on twitter. Waay too much. And I’ve been saving some tweets/ threads which told stories in my tumblr. Saving them was as fascinating as arranging them into a more readable stories. It sort of change the way I write, I guess. I tend to write shorter. Like this. Yes.

I am back on making video blog again. I tried it once here, here, and here. Then I just lost the appetite on it. I never care why until my friend in twitter, @asil interviewed me for her writing about video blogging. She interviewed me with @kapkap. Then she encouraged me to start making one again.

So I made one. I sort of made it for one of my twitter friend who got married. I never met her in person until her wedding day, so it was kinda special… in a way. She was so nice inviting us whom she never met beside the twitter world.

So this is the result. It’s nothing fancy. Recorded with my ghetto digicam (courtesy of @javajive to call it ‘ghetto’ hehehe), 4 megapixel and very grainy when it deals with low light. I edited in iMovie, after converting some scenes in http://www.zamzar.com (free, easy, recommended!). This is the result. My twitter friends loved it. One of them told me she even cried, because she hoped the friendship we had was somewhat special. And I don’t think she was being corny, I agree, friendship is a gem, no matter how weird the way you find your friends πŸ™‚

I was happy to be able to make something that pleased people. Although it was only a small silly vlog. I remember the satisfaction is similar with the day I was inspired by John Merrifield. I think once in a while I need to get out of advertising to do something different. And even if at the end it’s only a silly video of happy friendship, I still think it’s priceless because it makes people happy.

So one time you’re happy with the friends you found in the internet, but then another time you also sad by looking at something like this. A guy felt offended so he said goodbye to twitter and deleted his tweet. I don’t want to make any further comment on that. I just want to say that it makes me feel sad. Twitter people I met online and offline are all nice people. They’re unique individuals but basically they’re nice.Β 

Some blogs were made to response to the situation (and maybe even more beyond my recent knowledge), but one of them is here. The last blog post I mentioned actually got me a bit er.. sad too.Β 

The internet is a free media where everyone can speak and stand on what they believe. It became so free it rather scary. The blog post made me remember how I hurt somebody else’s feeling without intention. It was pure joke. And made realize how many other people I have harmed. The blog post also made me feel shallow in a way. What have I done? I mean, really? what have I done? Ads? Proud to got them displayed? Shitty way of showing off my knowledge to the world like here? Or proudly presenting myself and my achievement like here, there, and everywhere?Β 

Gosh, I am almost 30 years old in a few days and I feel shallow.

So what should I write? Or post? without offending other people’s feeling? My dying dog? Is that safe enough?

Or maybe stop blogging and just keep tweeting?

Or learn to grow up and behave properly. And stop whining like some 5 years old.

Forgive this rant. I am better at dancing and making puppets for Sam than blogging. I should just stick to puppets. They were cute and didn’t cause any harm.