Kayaking Ad “Choking” gets Best Print at bestadsontv 

click for larger image

“After the ‘what the…’ response, it became clear that the same peanut, is now in a larger size. How often do we get to see elephants giving the Heimlich?”

-Paul Brourman (judges from bestadsontv)

The Kayaking ad “Coking Elephant” didn’t get anything at the last AdFest, Media Spike, and Cannes. So getting elected as Best Print of The Week in bestadsontv gives a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. There’s still ADOI and Citra Pariwara for the last hope. All I can do now is crossing fingers.

Fully aware that the spotlight will be gone in a few more days, I saved the screen shot (above), and another screen shot showing Paul’s quote.

This one is for you, my dear elephants