10 Things about Me

I am might be lying, but I am doing this to make you like me.

alfa & aldo human figures

alfa & aldo human figures

I’ve been tagged by Fajar Jasmin to list down 10 Things About Me, part of his wife’s project. Wasn’t an easy task. So here they are…

  1. I love animals. If I caught you hurting dogs or cats or any living animals I will hunt you down no matter how big you are. No, I am not a vegan. Maybe someday I will.
  2. I look like my husband. We’ve been happily married since May 2006. I had tipi tent, lampions, bon fire and Darth Vader in my very-cheap-but-amusing wedding night.
  3. I am vain, and have OCD tendencies.
  4. I am a storyteller. I inherited it from Dad, a brave man who is fighting cancer.
  5. I am an advertising geek. Art Base. I quitted after 7 years. I was burnt out, I thought I lost my love to advertising. I didn’t know what I want then, and went depressed and bored. I am back in ogilvy now, as freelancer. I am still figuring out what to do next. But I know, deep inside, I always love advertising.
  6. I am always curious and easily amused. That’s why I love collecting junks.
  7. I had seen penis when I was 10 years old. My Dad is a doctor, and whenever he performed circumcised surgery he let me watch (maybe because he wanted me to become a doctor)
  8. I learn from books and movies more than I learn from life. No, I am not proud of it.
  9. People say I am a workaholic. Like my mom, I am just easily addicted to stuff I love. Work is just one of them.
  10. I am good in telling lies. Beware: I might making up these 10 things to make you like me.

So now I have to tag other people to do the same, list down 10 Things About Them and pass the task to other people.

Thalia, my talented cousin who did the art work above as her wedding present to me. A super funky mom that lives a life like no other.

Brandon. Twitterville knows him as javajive. Photography is his passion and he has lots of good stuff in his flickr. It’s a good way to find out more about him beside his capability in taking beautiful pictures. Updated: Branded posted his 10 things first thing in the morning. Some of his list made me shiver. Nevertheless, great post!

Vira si IkanSapi. My good friend since art school who shares similar passion in movies, traveling, and micro blogging.

Yasmina. A very fun and lucky gal who lives in Milan with her ‘handsome and talented husband’ (she tweets about it a lot when she misses him). Yasmina knows how to take picture of food that will make your mouth watering.

Daniel Hunt. My dear fellow blogger who lives in Aceh and has been keeping me amused with his wit writings. I somehow assume he would like this task. Updated : Daniel posted his 10 things in the afternoon, funny as always, and he found it difficult to stop at 10 😛

Aldo. Hubby, this is a kick start idea so you will update your blog! *wink wink*

And if I don’t tag you, I still encourage you to do the same. Please leave me comment so I can check out your post.