How to spot twitter users in a food court 

Twitteratis living in twitterville is a different species than blogger;

  • As talkative little birds, they chipper (tweeet….tweeet…) instead of talk.
  • They are very effective in saying things, usually less than 140 characters.
  • They use when the story gets deeper and longer.
  • They have short attention span, in a nice positive way.
  • Refer to point above, they love helping each other. Ask them a question and the answer will come less than a minute.
  • “We’re DM-ing” means “it’s our secret”
  • When talking to you, they usually say “at” (@) before “your name”.
  • They love hugging to cheer you up when your down, say “YAY!” when happy and look like this XD when being excited
  • They seldom update their blogs, but tweets within minutes in their daily life
  • They kind, fun, lovable, and don’t use rude language
  • Unless they really have to

It was my third time going to a Tweet Up (Twitter Meet Up). Lots of new faces. Real faces, not merely tiny user pics with less than 140 characters tweets. Honestly I was nervous, but it was unnecessary. I was ecstatic to finally shake hand with my Kemoceng War partner, @kapkap, who then gave me the pin which was made by @rampok and @puspa, based on the logo @kapkap designed.

Glad to finally see @aulia and @savitri again after our last tweet up like forever ago.

I am terrible in remembering people’s name, so I made this on spot, the sitting arrangement to make sure I got their name correctly.

@anima @rampok @patvandiest

@aulia @savitri @dalih @asil @nanashambles

@chibialfa @kapkap @puspa

@kapkap also showed me the original art work of twitteratis member she did long time ago. It’s still in beta, but hopefully it will never finish by the fast growing of the member.

*Update [@kapkap’s writing about her 1st impressions vs reality towards all twitteratis member]

Beside recording the Henshin slow-mo, riding the ferris wheel was the highlight of the night.

I went in total analogue and left my digital camera home. It was amusing to see how easily most of them amused to see the 35 mm rollei. @aulia didn’t, tho…

@aulia : “Don’t they have this thing called digital camera these days?”

@chibialfa : didn’t know how to explain why film is not dead yet in less than 140 characters 😛

Update: Yay! The results from my rollei finally came up. Added in the tweet up set and rollei set. I accidentally pulled the film too hard that the film was ripped inside. But Aldo fixed it, and nothing wrong with the result (phew). Uh wait, everything was wrong with the result; under exposed, over grain, weird colors. But isn’t it the spirit of lomography? (or so they say) 😀 😀

this one is my favorite

this one is my favorite

Of course it bothered me a little since I can’t upload anything while @patvandiest already make an album in facebook and @anima uploaded the hilarious henshin video. I can’t wait to see more photos from @asil’s camera tomorrow. (Update: add new photos from @aulia and @asil facebook)

Nevertheless… it was a fun and romantic night. Looking forward for the next one.


Aldo : “Was it fun?”

@chibialfa : “Yup! Like meeting others that are like me…”

Aldo : “In the 80s, you would have been crazy about nge-break thing, and tweet up would be like…”

@chibialfa : “KOPI DARAT :P”