How to: get a new jeans in an unbelievably cheap price


  1. Own a cool husband that knows places with cheap reasonable price but good quality (okay, number one is optional)
  2. Go to Bandung, once you get there find Unpad (Universitas Padjajaran).
  3. Once you’re within the area, find this sign board.

    BET taylor

    BET taylor

  4. Get inside, pick your clothing material (jeans? camoe?)
  5. Select the style you wish to have (limited to only 4 kind of style, but as long as they have boot cut and pencil, who cares, right?), pointed out your selected style to the taylor.
  6. Have the taylor measure your body.
  7. Pay (believe it or not, it’s Rp 100.000,- or less than 10 USD, including material), take the receipt.
  8. Come back the next day. Give the receipt, and this is your new pair of jeans that fit well to your body, good material, and… very cheap!

    new jeans... yayness!

    new jeans... yayness


well, if you have a cool husband like mine, you’ll get it for free,

because he ended up treated me a new pair of jeans… thanks, hon!